The Hidden Paradise In Pacitan : GONG CAVE

and it's in Indonesia

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What comes in your mind when you hear the word “cave”? Dark, wet, and scary? Well, it means you have not visited Gong Cave. Located about 30 km in the west of Pacitan, this cave is far from scary impression. The tourism department has built a cement trail route that gives more accessibility to reach the cave. The local dwellers assemble in front of the cave, offering their guide services and also flashlights.
Entering the first chamber which is not wide enough, you will be welcomed by many straws shape limestone ornaments on the ceiling of the cave. From this area, this cave is divided into entering trail and exiting trail. Passing through a small crack, you will be brought to the second chamber. Out of the expectation, this area is really big with amazing stalactites and stalagmites. Some lights have been set on some areas, giving dime light that makes this cave more beautiful.
There is stair and grip handle bar inside the cave; therefore, you can walk and explore it easily without worrying about wet and slippery soil. Exploring this chamber with beautiful limestone stalactites and stalagmites standing firmly supporting the cave as its pillars is just an unforgettable experience; as if it takes you to another dimension. Curtain shaped flowstones can be seen in some corners, adorning this cave with their beautiful shapes. It is really amazing, even more if you imagine how many thousand years needed to make these stunning formations. A giant stalagmite separates to the third chamber at the end of the cave. White sparkling crystal ornaments adorns the third chamber; therefore, it is named the crystal chamber.
If you want to enjoy this beautiful cave comfortably, avoid the visit on Sunday and holidays. On those days, hundreds of people assemble this cave. You definitely do not want to lose the opportunity to admire this beautiful nature carving by being in a crowd, don’t you?

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